Crunch Time with Sizz and Mula: Episode 15

Produced by: Matt White

Sizz and Mula bring in Crunch Time NHL analyst, Finn McLean to discuss hockey and much more.

Special Video Podcast: Makeup trends with Gabrielle and Jamie

Produced by: Gabrielle Pollock and Jamie Blough

Gabrielle Pollock performs winter makeup trends on Jamie Blough blindfolded


Japanese Candy Taste Test/Review

Produced by: Cole van Miltenburg and John Field

Cole and John taste test a collection of unusual Japanese candies from Mitsuwa Marketplace.

Student Profile with Cameron Sotoodeh

Produced by: Henry Lamb, Conor Holland and Chloe Mendoza

El Gato interviews larger than life LGHS student Cameron Sotoodeh talks about his life and shares his takes on hot topics.

Fall/Winter trends review

Produced by: Erin Grasty

Ashley Hagar, Erin Grasty, and Sami Linden review the fall/winter trends.

Lo and Jo talk college

Produced by: Jordan Evans and Lauren Sanders

Editors-in-Chief Jordan and Lauren dish out some insider tips about the college application process.

Crunch Time With Sizz and Mula: Episode 11 (Episode 10 was uploaded on our Twitter account. Visit “@thecrunch_time” to see Episode 10)

Produced by: Matt White

MLB offseason, College Football, and NFL.

Twenty Questions with Andy Braham

Produced by: Erin Grasty

PR Editor Abbi Berry interviews El Gato World Editor Andy Braham.

Crunch Time With Sizz and Mula: Episode 9

Produced by: Matt White

MLB(00:00), College Football(04:00), NFL(11:00), College Basketball and Game Picks(22:00)

Emma Gerson discusses Night Of Stars Event

Produced by: Madeline Pollock, Thomas Petroff, Tatum Jenkins, and Erin Grasty

Los High School Junior Emma Gerson discusses her Night of Stars benefit event for Let Girls Learn. The event is coming up on November 10 from 6:00 – 10:00 pm at the Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center in Los Gatos.

Yuki Torrey expresses her passions

Produced by: Sam Zukin, Tatum Jenkins, and Erin Grasty

Yuki Torrey shares her passion for Buddhism and Model UN. She also discusses her dedication to field hockey and her excitement for the future.

Crunch Time with Sizz and Mula: Episode 8

Produced by: Matt White

NHL, World Series, College Football, NFL

Crunch Time with Sizz and Mula: Episode 7

Produced by: Matt White

World Series Preview, College Football, NFL, and NBA

Crunch Time with Sizz and Mula: Episode 6

Produced by: Matt White

MLB Playoffs, College Football, NFL, and NBA.

Crunch Time with Sizz and Mula: Episode 5

Produced by: Matt White 

Wyatt Rehbock and the crew discuss MLB playoffs, World Cup Soccer, and Football.

Crunch Times with Sizz and Mula: Episode 4

Produced by: Matt White

Nate White joins the crew to discuss MLB playoffs, College Football and NFL.

Natarajan Shares his Successes in Life

Produced by: Sam Zukin, Tatum Jenkins, and Sophie Kroesche

Freshman Ajay Natarajan discusses his school successes, passion for rap, and his dream of becoming a lawyer.

Crunch Time with Sizz and Mula: Episode 3

Produced by: Matt White

Ryan Manseau and Matt White debate a historical Sunday, College Football and recent NBA transactions.

Crunch Time with Sizz and Mula: Episode 2

Produced by: Matt White

Ryan Manseau and Matt White discuss College Football, NFL, NBA, and the Canelo vs. Triple G fight.  They also make their game predictions for this weekend.

Crunch Time with Sizz and Mula: Episode 1

Produced by: Matt White

On the inaugural episode of Crunch Time, Ryan Manseau and Matt White discuss the first weeks of College Football, NFL and MLB playoffs.

Comparing South Bay Boba Spots

Produced by: Cole van Miltenburg

Cole van Miltenburg briefly discusses four different places which sell this quintessential Bay Area drink, comparing their different styles and tastes.

Teachers Share Memories With Departing Seniors

Produced by: Camille Fowler

Camille Fowler interviews teachers and listens to their memories from high school as a farewell to the Class of 2017.

Sanders and Cook Analyze “The Glass Castle”

Produced by: Sophie Kroesche

Dana Cook and Lauren Sanders analyze Jeannette Walls’ “The Glass Castle.” They discuss themes and theories about the memoir.

Warriors Update: April 21, 2017

Produced by: Sophie Kroesche

Drew Shelton and Ryan Manseau discuss the Warriors’ progress through playoffs.

Lauren Miller

Interviewed by: Madeline Pollock and Gabrielle Pollock

Produced by: Sophie Kroesche

Lauren Miller, the co founder of Shoes to Reuse discusses her philanthropic efforts to give back to the community.

Eesha Gadhia

Interviewed by: Sam Zukin and Tatum Jenkins

Produced by: Sophie Kroesche

LGHS Sophomore Eesha Gadhia discusses her travels to India, political views on race relations in the United States, and involvement in Speech and Debate.

Maryam Emami and Niki Dabir

Interviewed by: Keana Kianian and Emerson Hughes

Produced by: Rachel Keady

LGHS students, Maryam Emami and Niki Dabir, discuss their opinions on the Travel Ban as well as the effects it had on their families.

Conspiracy Theories

by: Lauren Sanders, Cole Van Miltenburg,  Jordan Evans, and Andy Braham

Produced by: Rachel Keady

Interested in hearing about a few unsolved mysteries? Lauren, Cole, Jordan, and Andy discuss some spooky conspiracies taking the nation by storm.

LGHS Students discuss the Travel Ban

Jake Chen

Interviewed by: Keana Kianian and Emerson-Alysia Hughes

Produced by: Rachel Keady

Seniors Keana Kianian and Emerson Hughes interviewed Jake Chen an aspiring Broadway Star. Jake discusses his involvement in Dance Team, a Spanish immersion trip, and Mock Trial.

Men’s Cross Country Recapped

Interviewed by: Dylan Lasher

Produced by: Rachel Keady

Senior Dylan Lasher interviews fellow seniors Nathaniel Redfern and Arjun Natarajan about the men’s cross country season and the hierarchy and government created by the captains of the team.

Sawye Raygani

Interviewed by: Tatum Jenkins and Sam Zukin

Produced by: Sophie Kroesche

Sophomore Sawye Reygani talks about her involvement with Speech and Debate and other  extracurriculars.

Michael Shusterman

Interviewed by: Sam Zukin

Produced by: Sophie Kroesche


Junior Sam Zukin interviews senior Michael Shusterman as he talks about his passion for video editing by enrolling in a film class by famed actor James Franco. He talks about his film editing endeavors and how it has impacted his life as an aspiring film student. Watch out for more of Michael’s story in the november issue of El Gato News.

Jack Murnin

Interviewed by: Erin Grasty and Tatum Jenkins

Produced by: Sophie Kroesche


Freshman, Jack Murnin, at LGHS is extraordinary musician, performer, photographer, cinematographer, and rower at Los Gatos Rowing Club. Through his Youtube channel Murnin has advanced as a filmmaker and is hoping to pursue this field for a long time. Listen to the interview for an informative segment on Jack Murnin’s documentary for Studio 13. Additional information regarding his music, photography, and theatrical career are explained in the interview.

To watch videos from Jack Murnin, go to his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd93e5ZdIaWc2TZrcg6Bg5Q

To find out more about Studio 13, go to http://www.studiothirteen.guru/ 

Eva Vrijen

Interviewed by: Katherine Monsef

Produced by: Sophie Kroesche and Tatum Jenkins


Sophomore Katherine Monsef interviews fellow sophomore Eva Vrijen, who enjoys using her free time to play field hockey and maintain connections with her friends. After moving to America from the Netherlands in seventh grade, she has been thriving in Los Gatos and has an amazing story to tell. Watch out for her article in the November issue of El Gato News.

Chloe Howard

Interviewed by: Sam Zukin and Tatum Jenkins

Produced by: Sophie Kroesche


Howard shows off her smile and confidently stands beautiful.

In our first October podcast, we interviewed Chloe Howard, an inspiring young woman who did a TedX Talk on self love in September and is the creator of the “Stand Beautiful” campaign. Born with a severe foot deformity, Howard has overcome her trials with tremendous grace and strength.  In 2014, Howard was assaulted at her previous high school. About six months later, she met Bono and was inspired to share her story.

Visit www.beautiful.cholehoward.com to watch her video and read more about her story.